WordPress Non-Intrusive Vulnerability Scan.

The WordPress scans we conduct are all non-intrusive (White Hat), we don’t use aggressive penetrations tools or brute force, all tools used are passive.

The WordPress scan will test for the following vulnerabilities:

  1. WordPress Version
  2. WordPress Plugin Versions (Checked against a vulnerability database)
  3. WordPress Theme Versions (Checked against a vulnerability database)
  4. User Enumeration (Can we see the user names)
  5. Directory Indexing (Can we see the contents of various directories)
  6. Google Malware Check
  7. Website Blacklist Status
  8. Web Page Defacements
  9. Injected SPAM Comments

On completion of the WordPress scan a FREE report will be sent to you, which will outline any WordPress vulnerabilities and recommendations to making your WordPress site more secure.

BE SAFE. Please do not send login or password details in this form.

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