What Google Say

As of March 2016, Google reports that over 50 million website users have been greeted with some form of warning that websites visited were either trying to steal information or install malicious software. In March 2015, that number was 17 million. Google currently blacklists close to ~20,000 websites a week for malware and another ~50,000 a week for phishing. PhishTank alone flags over 2,000 websites a week for phishing. These numbers reflect only those infections that have an immediate adverse effect on the visitor (i.e., Drive by Download, Phishing) and do not include websites infected with Spam SEO and other tactics not detected by these companies.

What Symantec Say

Cyber criminals are now phishing for email accounts using SMS by abusing the password recovery service offered by many popular email services. They simply need to know your email address and your phone number to pull off the attack. Learn about this attack and how to avoid falling for it.

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Hacker Map


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